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The Beginning...

Updated: Mar 26, 2019

Valencia red wine Leather Sensations Handbag
LS Founder with the New Valencia Leather Handbag


Discovering who you are is a constant journey, and trying to express who you are in words is a daunting undertake for the soul and the mind. When I decided to share who I am, my mind immediately captured my various roles rather than my essence or my character, I interpreted it as a natural response due to the constant pressure society imposes on women to carry on several roles in life. I have the privilege of being a Mom, it is my 24/7 role and my favourite one, my two daughters are caring and kind; having them in my day to day has defined my character in amazing and unpredictable ways. I am a soul inside a Latin woman’s body, the daughter of a nurse and a teacher, the granddaughter of coffee farmers, a sister, a wife, a full-time worker, an immigrant, a Canadian Citizen, but mostly I am a woman navigating life and trying to be the best I can for myself and for my family.

My goal with this blog is to share what I have learned in the last 45 years, my experiences, my mistakes and how I dealt with them, my ups and downs, my spiritual journey, my ideas about fashion, my learning curve designing and selling leather handbags, my entrepreneur life, and my tips about parenting. I hope you get to take something valuable with you every time you read my blog, and I welcome you to share your own experiences and feel a part of it. Let’s enrich our lives together!

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