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What I have discovered doing Grocery Shopping Online at Superstore

Updated: Mar 26, 2019

Grocery Shopping Online at Superstore
Grocery Shopping Online at Superstore

I started doing my grocery shopping online last year in February, and after my second online order, I was hooked. It is so convenient; you won’t be able to go back once you try it. I chose Canadian Super Store because it is close home and the prices are great. I need quality and affordability because I have a hungry teenager at home – I think she eats a snack 6 or 7 times a day. The process is extremely easy and it saves me about 2 hours every weekend.

How it works

1. Once you create your account online, it will be linked to your loyalty card and you will collect your points every time you shop online.

2. They do delivery but I prefer pick-up, it costs me $5 dollars only, and I can get gas right before picking up my groceries – it gives you points too. It is very important to select your slot before you start shopping because the slots go fast, especially on weekends. I prefer picking up Friday night but you will find what’s best for you and your family schedule.

3. If they need to change some items, they will call you and send you an e-mail with suggested substitutions. Tell them what you want and what you don’t want, and they will adjust your order.

4. Once you get to the store, you can park at the designated “click and collect” parking area, no need to drive around to find a parking spot. The signs are blue and the phone number to call is on the sign. Call them and they will charge the bill to the credit card on your file, or if you want to pay debit, they will bring the machine right to your car.

5. A friendly Superstore employee, will load your groceries and you are good to go.

Control your Budget

The best thing about doing my grocery shopping online is saving not only time but also money. I have been able to actually control my groceries budget. When I go to the store, I end-up buying things that I don’t really need, getting too many sweets, and falling for sale items that are not on my grocery list. When you shop online, you can actually see your bill growing in front of your eyes, which makes you extremely conscious about your spending. My weekly grocery bill has been $50 less since I started doing grocery shopping online, we are eating healthier, and we are not wasting as much food as before. Putting food in the garbage makes me very uncomfortable and it is not happening as often as before.


I actually had a hard time finding disadvantages because it is a great service, and I find it extremely convenient. I have done my grocery shopping online for over a year; most of the time you get a caring personal shopper, who will pick fresh fruit and vegetables for you. However, there was one time, where my personal shopper was not as good at picking fresh items. On my third order, my strawberries were not as fresh as I would have liked them, but they were good enough to eat in the next couple of days. Let’s be honest, when we pick our own strawberries, we take our time, we look at the box several times, we make sure they are perfect, and nobody is going to do exactly the same. If you are baking a strawberry pie for a special occasion, walk into the store and pick your own strawberries.

When you are selecting your items online, you can add comments for your personal shopper. After a few orders, I started writing “fresh = happy” and it works like a charm. The application saves your regular items and it saves the comments too. So, you only need to write it once.

Saving time and money is something we all want. Start doing your grocery shopping online and you will save lots of time and money. Free time and extra money = family time.

Happy Online Shopping!


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