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Why I Love Leather Handbags?

Updated: Nov 22, 2018

It was around 1900 when the changing status of women around the world, increased the handbag popularity. Women fought their way into having an education and having a job, handbags became a necessity as we gained the right to carry books, essays, and our own hard-earned money. Today, handbags are more than a container for our essentials, they are a fashion statement.

Leather looks classic, elegant and stylish on its own, it ages beautifully, which makes it timeless. A leather handbag will last you several years while a synthetic one has to be replaced in a year or less. I prefer Nappa Leather because it is smooth and elastic. Its surface is finished, and all the pores are closed by dying it with very thin layers. As a result, your handbag is protected from moisture and dirt. It is so durable, automotive luxury brands offer Nappa leather interiors on their most expensive models.

Affordability is always a concern when buying a leather bag, the price tag could be considerably higher compared with a synthetic bag; but you need to consider the long-lasting quality of leather. In a 7 years time frame, you can spend four times more in 4 or 5 synthetic bags. One

good size and versatile leather handbag will last you for 5 to 7 years. It feels like you are spending more today, but in the long run, you are actually saving money while still looking great.

A leather handbag is never out of style, the material makes it fashionable no matter the size, shape, colour or design. I particularly love the old leather - vintage look; it has a nostalgic and bohemian sentiment, which reminds me of good conversations, good coffee and good friends.

I love leather handbags, how about you?

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